A Theatre For A 21st Century City – Auditoriums

We pride ourselves in our artist development work and play a crucial role in developing the theatre makers of tomorrow.

The addition of a new studio space will enable us to create theatre at every level, starting from small scale new work projects, giving a permanent home to our Furnace programme.

We will also upgrade the Quarry and Courtyard Theatres to ensure we can continue to produce hit productions such as Beryl, The Damned United, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Strictly Ballroom The Musical.

  • Quarry Theatre

    New entrances into the Quarry Theatre to improve access.
    7 seating options for wheelchair users

  • Courtyard Theatre

    Changing the Courtyard Theatre seating rake (angle of the seating block) will increase capacity to around 400.

  • The Rock Void Studio Space

    A brand new space created in the Rock Void under the building will house studio-style work.

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