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Strictly Ballroom The Musical: Our ballroom insider Sally Sequins shares rooftop photoshoot blog and video

G’Day Poms, Sally Sequins here, back at the West Yorkshire Playhouse again. I’m continuing my exciting journey alongside the team of Strictly Ballroom The Musical to bring you more exclusive information of the upcoming UK premiere.

This time, I’ve been behind the scenes of a fabulous photoshoot where we had a first look at the incredible costumes we’ll be seeing in the show this winter – a very special treat! I was also given the chance to watch the dancers being snapped on the roof of the theatre.

My day started off with greeting two of the talented performers from the musical, James and Courtney-Mae, who soon began their transformations in our wardrobe department. Hems were nipped and sequins fastened, and after a bit of fairy dust from hair and makeup – the two were picture perfect in vibrant green Latin costumes.

We climbed onto the Playhouse roof and the dancers positioned themselves with the dramatic views of the Leeds skyline stretching out behind them. When they began dancing it was magical – the outfits glistened in the light, emerald sequins sparkling in the sun- and that was just James’s jumpsuit! There were lifts and twists, turns and kicks – and one spectacular moment where Courtney-Mae leapt into the air, one knee bent the other extended, supported by James above his head – stunning.

We then ‘took five’ as our stars changed into their Ballroom attire. We’re talking tuxedo for James and floor length turquoise ball gown for Courtney-Mae. The wardrobe department whispered to me that the dress contains 80 metres of fabric and 55 meters of ostrich feather boa.

James’ slim fitting tuxedo was adorned with a show number, which helps dance show judges identify the fast-moving couples in ballroom competitions.

We shimmied outside to shoot on the impressive steps that lead up from Playhouse square. The dancing continued but this time a classic waltz. Understandably, passers-by were intrigued by our antics and unusual dress and we drew quite a crowd.

What a wonderful day – exciting, fascinating, glitzy and glam. And just for you guys – we captured it all on camera- check out our behind-the-scenes film of the first Strictly Ballroom The Musical photoshoot!


Sally Sequins

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