West Yorkshire Playhouse has a history of working with secondary schools and colleges, building long-term partnerships to ensure that drama continues to have a solid place within and across the curriculum. For the ease of teachers, we try to indicate where our workshops fit within the particular scheme of work or exam requirements.



    This cross-curricular day allows students to see for themselves how different departments collaborate to build a production from conception to on-stage reality. Incorporating maths, physics, design technology, art, literature, performing arts, and drama and theatre studies, this day will help them to see the real life application of curriculum subjects.

    • KS3, KS4 and KS5
    • At the Playhouse only
  • Backstage Tours

    Led by our Creative Engagement Team, tours can be tailored for groups of all ages. We will take you behind the scenes of the Playhouse to learn more about working in a theatre and share the secrets of how productions make it from page to stage.

    • KS3, KS4 and KS5
    • At the Playhouse only
  • Exploring Costume

    Discover more about West Yorkshire Playhouse’s wealth of costumes by visiting our extensive collection and learning how fashions and costumes have changed over time.

    • KS3, KS4 and KS5
    • At the Playhouse only
  • Set Design

    Delivered by a professional designer, these workshops offer an exclusive insight into this creative process. Adaptable from basic introduction to deeper and more detailed understanding.

    • KS3, KS4 and KS5
    • At the Playhouse only
  • Industry Days

    Students will gain a unique insight into the day-to-day workings of West Yorkshire Playhouse. A backstage tour will be followed by a ‘speed dating’ session with select members of Playhouse staff from a variety of departments.

    • KS3, KS4 and KS5
    • At the Playhouse only
  • Creative Literacy Workshop

    Bring a text to life with a range of techniques to support literacy, analytical and theatrical skills. Based on your classroom text, this workshop is tailored to the specific Key Stage and curriculum or exam requirements, and can produce a variety of outcomes.

    • KS3 and KS4
    • At the Playhouse or at school
  • NEW! Drama and Theatre Studies Skills Workshops
    Aid your GCSE and A-level students with the challenging task of creating their own performances. They will learn to find and use different types of stimuli in the world around them, and to work collaboratively as a team.
    Physical Theatre
    As an introduction to the genre, this workshop will explore the possibility of students using their bodies, rather than dialogue. A popular style with exam classes, many students cherish the opportunity to practise different techniques they have seen on stage.
    A growing style of theatre, rising in popularity, this full day workshop allows students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the basic techniques required to make and use their own masks and puppets.
    Live Theatre Production
    To aid you students in their preparation for the Live Theatre Production part of their exams, we offer short pre-show workshops that allow students to understand the aims of one of our productions. We will look at a range of aspects from designers and directors communicating with the audience, to the effectiveness of individual performances.

    • KS4 and KS5
    • At the Playhouse or at school (except for Live Theatre Production, which is only at the Playhouse)

Show-specific work

  • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Workshops

    Unlocked! Live demo session in the theatre

    Join members of the creative team, cast and crew who worked on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as they discuss their decisions and how the world of Narnia went from page to stage in the transformed Quarry Theatre.

    • 10am – 11.30am Tuesday 16th January 2018
    • £5 per participant (open to the public)

    Journey to Cair Paravel
    For an even more comprehensive insight into the original story and the production at West Yorkshire Playhouse, book your students on to this project which includes three workshops, attendance at the Unlocked! event, and tickets to see the show. Workshops can be delivered in the theatre or at your school, either side of your visit to see the production.

    • KS2 and KS3
    • Participation in this project could support students hoping to achieve Arts Award Discover or Explore
    • At the Playhouse and at school
    • £500 (+ VAT)

    The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Workshop
    Explore the world of Narnia and its mesmerising characters, as brought to life through dramatic techniques and performance. In a one-off workshop, that can be enjoyed pre or post-show, your students can gain a deeper understanding of the text and its themes.

    • KS2 and KS3
    • At the Playhouse or at school

How to Book Workshops

Prices* and booking

1 hour£100 (+ VAT)
Half day (2 hours) £180 (+ VAT)
Full day (4 hours) £340 (+ VAT)
Behind the Scenes £150 (+ VAT)
Bespoke projects Priced per project

*prices for 1 class size (approx. 30 students)

To book or enquire about our creative education workshops, please contact Creative Engagement
Tel: 0113 213 7204

How to Book Show Tickets

If you would like to make a school booking for a show in one of our theatres, please call 0113 213 7700 or email  to make a booking.

School prices vary according to each production, the range is listed on each web page. To help you manage your visit we offer one FREE staff seat for every nine students booked. Schools tickets are only available in limited numbers and for Monday to Friday. You are still welcome to book once this limit is reached, but the standard discount rates will apply.

Age Recommendation
Age recommendation is assessed according to the complexity and sensitivity of Issues, images, sexual references and strength of language used in both West Yorkshire Playhouse productions and touring productions. Any sensitive content is highlighted in our main brochure but we do encourage schools to call our box office with any specific concerns or questions regarding sensitive material in the productions.

Take note…
We strongly discourage students from taking notes during performances at West Yorkshire Playhouse. Please encourage your students to fully enjoy their theatre experience by focusing completely on the action on stage. They can then jot down any notes immediately after the performance.

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