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Sherlock Holmes - The Best Kept Secret

18 May 2013 to 08 June 2013

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Quarry Theatre

£12 Ticket

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Community Network    20, 21, 22, 29, 30 & 31 May 7.30pm, 25 May 2.00pm, 30 May 1.30pm, 4 June 7.30pm

Post Show Discussion   29 May 7.30pm

Captioned    4 June 7.30pm

Audio Described   31 May 7.30pm and 6 June 1.30pm

BSL 30 May 7.30pm


West Yorkshire Playhouse, Bronia Buchanan, The Booking Office and Wimpole Theatre
Based on the characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
By Mark Catley
Director Nikolai Foster
Set & Costume Designer Michael Taylor
Composer Grant Olding
Magic Consultant Scott Penrose
Lighting Designer Ben Cracknell
Sound Designer Mic Pool
Casting Director Kay Magson 

A richly seductive world of passion, breathless intrigue, jeopardy, deception and revelations…

Two years after the Reichenbach Falls, Sherlock Holmes has lost his hunger. Refusing to take on any new cases, he's listless, bankrupt and reduced to selling the stories of his past glories. But when his brother Mycroft is arrested for treason, Holmes is jolted back into action, and along with Watson and the mysterious Irene Adler, he must battle
powerful, unknown forces in a race to save Mycroft's life.

With demons of his own to fight, lost in a sea of madness, can Sherlock really save Mycroft from being hanged? Or will the deadly puzzles of the Best Kept Secret be the end of them all?

Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary sleuth is live on stage, in a gripping, brand-new case written by Mark Catley, directed by Nikolai Foster who created our spectacular production of Annie in 2011.


This spectacular new production is touring the UK prior to the West End starring Jason Durr (Sherlock Holmes), Andrew Hall (Dr Watson), Tanya Franks (Irene Adler), Adrian Lukis (Mycroft Holmes), Victor McGuire (Inspector LeStrade), Andrew Langtree (The Journalist) and Kerry Peers (Mrs Peasgoode), and will draw you deep into a richly seductive world of passion, breathless intrigue, jeopardy, deception and revelations… Will you be able to stand the tension?!



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  1. Amy Shires

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Had an absolutely fantastic night. Entertaining throughout and full of charisma and wit. The spirit of sherlock was truly captured in this wonderful play. A job well done to all cast and crew and thank you for an outstanding performance. Would definitely recommend.

    DATE POSTED: 18/05/2013

  2. Vicky Collins Nattrass

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    This was a fantastic new play with epic performances by everyone ,far exceeded my expectations every actor really cut it ,Sherlock himself is a great portrayal but admit that Andy Langtree lit up the stage with his fun character for me ! everyone was great and I will go to see this again on is run ,I travelled from Lincoln and I found the Playhouse itself really great lovley atmosphere so will be visiting again

    DATE POSTED: 19/05/2013

  3. Vic Watson Huddersfield Town Crier

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Stunning, Mr Catley has done a great writing job on this great character, and Jason Durr handles it with gusto, in fact all the cast have to be praised, plus the special effects dept., l don't want to tell much of the story as it`s quite a suprise ending, but all l can say is if you can get a seat go and see it, if l have too score out of 10 l give it 11, it`s that good.

    DATE POSTED: 22/05/2013

  4. Neil

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Brilliant. Even if you think you know who dunnit the show will keep you guessing till the end. You will come away asking, 'How did they do that?' This is a very knowing version of Sherlock Holmes but still very Victorian. The acting is outstanding and the hallucination sequence is a highlight of a wonderful performance by the whole cast.

    DATE POSTED: 22/05/2013

  5. Pip Carter

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    A phantasmagoric delight of mystery, witty banter and hilarious gags. A job well done from the cast, putting on a brilliantly illusive performance and capturing the essence that is, Sherlock Holmes.

    DATE POSTED: 24/05/2013

  6. Karen Hunter

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Magic!!! Brillant production & great performances from all the cast & kept me hooked the whole 2 hours. Want to go see it again

    DATE POSTED: 24/05/2013

  7. Nikita Parkin and Sophia Chilton

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    A amazing performance by all the actors and brilliant use of set,. thoroughly enjoyed the night, Didn't know what to expect but was blown away. The whole of our drama class loved it. Would definitely recommend.

    DATE POSTED: 24/05/2013

  8. Chelsea

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Had a fantastic time, the cast and crew did a great job, the set was brilliant. Can't wait to go again!

    DATE POSTED: 27/05/2013

  9. Andrew Brown

    star imagestar imagestar image

    All in all somewhat disappointing. The set looked great, the musical interludes were suitably dramatic and most of the performances pretty good. What let the show down was the script and the way the overall feel was that it was being played for laughs. The trailor on the website suggested tension, fear and drama - everything a Sherlock Holmes story should have. However, this was not what we got. There were times when it felt more like a pastiche of Holmes stories, playing on the obvious cliches. The lowest moments were the clumsy anachronistic punch lines of "no shit Sherlock" and "Mental!" It is 19th century London for goodness sake! Please don't burst the bubble for cheap gags. For me the story didn't flow very well. It always felt a bit like we were being spoonfed the plot through the clunky script. Watson's character was particularly irritating and in places overplayed. Overall I don't think it was not particularly respectful of ACD's stories and was slightly patronising. 3 stars rather than 2 because there were some decent performances.

    DATE POSTED: 29/05/2013

  10. Stuart Fortey

    star image

    Extremely disappointing. The production values are high - very good lighting, sound and costumes - but the show is very badly let down by the script. A Sherlock Holmes plot needs to be clever and watertight; this one is simplistic, static and full of illogicalities. The code is poorly explained (apart from some flimflam about Fermat's Last Theorem), the solution is plucked out of the air by Sherlock, and the discovery of the villain relies on their making an unnecessary public confession. The language of the play is flat and clichéd, and the humour often crude ("Sod off" is one of the funny lines). The actors do well with the little they have to work with. I was particularly impressed by Adrian Lukis as Mycroft. But overall, with such a poorly imagined and constructed story, the show never takes off. Which is a shame, because it could and should have been so much better.

    DATE POSTED: 30/05/2013

  11. Lorna Dobson

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    What a wonderful show, the set was wonderful, the acting first rate, there was a good mix of humour, intrigue and fear and a brilliant twist at the end... a great evening's entertainment and thanks to the cast for coming to talk to us and answer questions afterwards. First rate

    DATE POSTED: 30/05/2013

  12. Tim Munro

    star image

    Far too much of Guy Ritchie's Holmes, far too much of Steven Moffat's Holmes, scarcely a trace that I could see of Conan Doyle's Holmes. Somewhere struggling to get out of this is either a good Sherlock Holmes comedy - but it isn't funny enough for that - or a good straight pastiche,but as it stands it can't decide which it is, and the overall tone is so silly and overblown that by the time you get to the serious stuff you just aren't involved and don't care. The cast seem to be compensating for the weak material by shouting their entire performances. The sets are stunning but the overall design style would be better suited to a Fu Manchu adaptation. Easily the worst two hours I have ever spent in a theatre, redeemed only by design, some excellent stage effects and good work from Adrian Lukis (despite him playing a character so far removed from Doyle's Mycroft Holmes that he might as well have been a new character created from scratch).

    DATE POSTED: 03/06/2013

  13. Steven Bugg

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Great take on something that can be very stuffy . Yes I could have done without the "No Shit "and "Mental!" but it did in no way spoil our evening. The props of death were very good and the whole set was brilliant a fantastic use of space and the cast were super,. We had great fun and enjoyed every moment .As always the Playhouse shows the best and have plenty of helpful staff round and about. well done everyone and thanks.

    DATE POSTED: 04/06/2013

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Theatre Day: A Curious incident… A Villainous crime…

 Discover your inner Sherlock and crack the code to help solve a heinous and villainous crime…

This drama workshop is most suitable for pupils with a keen eye for detail, excellent sense of smell and great powers of observation and deduction.

If you think your pupils possess these necessary detective qualities, please contact us.

on 0113 2137700 or email groups@wyp.org.uk

Thursday 06 June

11.00 - 12.30

£19.50 per student (including ticket for matinee performance, 1.30pm)

Suitable for KS3

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