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Steptoe & Son

14 September 2012 to 13 October 2012

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Courtyard Theatre

Tickets from £17 to £27

Discounts £3 off in A & B

Monday to Friday

Schools from £12

A  transaction fee of £1.75 will be added to every booking


Running Time : To Be Confirmed

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Audio Described  3 October 7.45pm &

6 October 2.30pm 

BSL  4 October 7.45pm 

Captioned  11 October 7.45pm

Community Network  15 Sept 7.45pm, 

17 Sept 7.45pm, 24 Sept 7.45pm,

4 Oct 7.45pm, 6 Oct 2.00pm &

11 Oct 7.45pm 





West Yorkshire Playhouse and Kneehigh Theatre


Steptoe & Son

by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Adapted and Directed by Emma Rice



Harold Steptoe Dean Nolan

Albert Steptoe Mike Shepherd

Woman Kirsty Woodward


Creative Team                      

Director Emma Rice

Designer Neil Murray

Choreographer Etta Murfitt

Lighting Designer Malcolm Rippeth

Sound Designer Simon Baker

Video Designer Mic Pool

Casting Director Sam Jones

Company Website

Two Men.  Two World Wars.  Two lives knitted together as tight as a thrice darned sock.

Bound together by birth, business and bloody bad luck, Albert and Harold Steptoe wake up every morning to the same old, same old, sickening sight of each other.  Do they even notice the world turning as they cling on? There are ladies if they would only look around them, and space travel… and Cliff Richard! Adapted from the legendary scripts of Galton and Simpson, this new co-production with West Yorkshire Playhouse charts the surprising dance of father and son,

This is for anyone who has had a parent, anyone who has had a child, anyone who has wanted to tear the walls down and run across the fields naked. Darkly comic, and deeply moving, this is a 20th century icon, re imagined for the new generation.



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  1. Betty Barber

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    very disappointed,west country accaent not cockney,characters nothing like them,the girl brought nothing to it . left at interval so did others , a waste of £44 which is more than a days pay for me . GUTTED

    DATE POSTED: 16/09/2012

  2. Dan Bradish

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    We saw this performance as part of our A Level work at college and I can honestly say it was great and one of the best theatre performances I have seen. Throughly enjoyed it. A nice mixture of empathetic and humourous moments and I would fully recommend you see it.

    DATE POSTED: 20/09/2012

  3. Joshua Dowden

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Our class went to see this performance as part of our A level course and it's safe to say it was one of the best pieces we have seen yet and I can't wait to start analysing it for our exam! The actors put on an incredible performance that was more than enjoyable. It was constantly entertaining to watch through both the humourous and emotional scenes and I would recommend to people of all ages. -Joshua Dowden

    DATE POSTED: 20/09/2012

  4. David Archer

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Harry H Corbett was a classically trained actor who grew to hate Steptoe and Son because it trapped and type cast him. I think he would have been proud of what Kneehigh have done with it. Virtually every word in the script, four half hour episodes merged together to form a two hour show, is the original Galton and Simpson, but Kneehigh have not just copied what was there, they have re-imagined it. The laughs are still there but the emphasis is much more on the drama of the situation. Two men locked together no matter how much they might hate each other. The presence of a moon always in the sky above the stage, two men waiting for something that never happens........ there are echoes of "Waiting for Godot," proving, to me at least, that the best of sit com writing is up there with the greats of any other literary field. Galton and Simpson probably invented the modern British sit-com as we know it today. Kneehigh have run with the idea and produced a piece of work to rival their earlier interpretation of "Brief Encounter."

    DATE POSTED: 27/09/2012

  5. Christopher Mitchell

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    I thought that this was absouloly Brilliant! A genius take on the 1960s comedy about two rag and bone men fighting. It is a wonderful, hilarious play to watch and I would recomend anyone to go and see it!

    DATE POSTED: 27/09/2012

  6. Christopher L Mitchell

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    I was never a really big fan of Steptoe and Son the television series, but I thought this was one of the most well put togeather performaces I have ever seen performed in a Thetre. Great laughs. At times you could feel real emotion and relate to the characters themselves.

    DATE POSTED: 30/09/2012

  7. Rick Poppa

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Doing a drama based around a TV comedy is a big risk, luckily Knee High took that risk and produced something bizare but entertaining and moving in places. The roles of Steptoe & his Son are played brilliantly and there are times I thought I was watching re-runs of the TV show, Clever staging helped a lot to add to the magic, watch out for the moon is all I will say on that one!! Three actors have a hard task bringing a show like this too life but they do it, and they do it well! It's a show that will entertain the Young adults of today as well as those who are old enough to remember it on TV. The music inbetween the drama is great and you come out smiling...what more could you want?

    DATE POSTED: 02/10/2012

  8. Jaki Spencer

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Having just returned from watching WYP Steptoe & Son, and gone with a mind to enjoy it, that is exactly what I did, in fact I did not enjoy it I loved it. Interspersed with vintage songs of the era and perfect lipsync on others, it was such enjoyable theatre, entertaining never dull, for three brilliant actors wordy dialogue of a well loved drama from scripts originally on TV was just superb. Kneehigh added their unique twist on the tale, but still brought out the angst of Harold and the grumpiness of Albert, moments of comic humour and emotional scenes between father and son, the West Country accents worked very well and it did not detract me from the story in fact it added that little extra dimension, all in all a thoroughly enjoyable theatre moment for me and my friends, and we all feel that there is nothing better than 'live' theatre. I as someone who watched the original series don't understand anyone who fails to see the funny side of this drama!

    DATE POSTED: 04/10/2012

  9. L Broughton

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    The production of 'Steptoe and Son' brings with it the cheeky humour and invention that have almost become trademarks of Kneehigh. But audiences at the West Yorkshire Playhouse have been gifted with something new. Emma Rice and her team have crafted each character with a truth and simplicity capable of reaching out and making an emotional connection with even the most cynical of audiences. A beautiful and poignant adaptation that reaffirms Kneehigh's standing within British Contemporary Theatre.

    DATE POSTED: 08/10/2012

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Education Resource Pack
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Teachers' Evening
Monday 17 September 5pm to 6pm

Come and find out more about Kneehigh's rehearsal process for Steptoe and Son. Attendance includes a free ticket to see the production afterwards.

Theatre Day: Kneehigh's Lowdown
Thursday 27 September 10.30am to 12.00pm
£19.50 per student (includes event and matinee performance at 2pm)

Join Mike Shepherd (Founder and Joint Artistic Director) and members of the Steptoe & Son company who together, will give you an insight into how Kneehigh create and perform shows with the joyful anarchy that audiences have come to expect. You will get an overview of Kneehigh's past, present and future, along with an opportunity to learn more about the processes that see the company go from research to performance, barns to stage. The Lowdown is held in the  auditorium and is suitable for GCSE & A-Level students and above. Max: 150 participants

Theatre Day: Insight into the Rehearsal Room
Thursday 04 October 10.30am to 12.30pm
Thursday 11 October 10.30am to 12.30pm
£19.50 per student (includes workshop and matinee performance 2pm)

Led by Kneehigh, students are given a practical insight into the rehearsal process for Steptoe and Son. Max: 25 participants

Post Show Discussion
Wednesday 26 September
Join us after the show for a post-show discussion with members of the creative team.

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