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Is It Time To Get Rid Of New Writing?

30 May 2012

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Courtyard Theatre

Tickets £5
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Part of the New Writing Season

Suzanne Bell
New Writing Associate, Manchester Royal Exchange

David Eldridge

Fin Kennedy

Kaite O'Reilly

Dawn Walton
Artistic Director, Eclipse Theatre


Over the last 20 years British Theatre has witnessed a phenomenal growth in New Writing. But has New Writing become as much a curse as a blessing. In particular is there a harmful and false division between 'New Work' and 'New Writing'? Is there too much development and not enough productions? Is there a 'New Writing' sort of play and is it killing off other kinds of writing? Come discuss these and other matters in a lively debate with:

Suzanne Bell, New Writing Associate, Manchester Royal Exchange

David Eldridge, Playwright

Fin Kennedy, Playwright

Kaite O'Reilly, Playwright

Dawn Walton, Artistic Director, Eclipse Theatre

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