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Angus,Thongs and Even More Snogging

11 February 2012 to 03 March 2012

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Running Time : 150150

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Previews   11 & 13 February 7.30pm

Community Network   11 & 13 February 7.30pm,  18 February 2.00pm

Post Show Discussion   22 February

Captioned   27 February 7.30pm

Audio Described   25 February 2.00pm &

1 March 7.30pm

BSL 23 February 7.30pm

West Yorkshire Playhouse and Micklelou Productions

Based on the novels by Louise Rennison
Adapted for the stage by Mark Catley and Louise Rennison 
Director Ryan McBryde
Designer Hannah Clark
Composer and Musical Director Alex Silverman
Lighting Designer Ben Cracknell
Sound Designer Simon Baker
Puppet Design Blind Summit
Casting Director Jessica Ronane
Cast Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Rachel Caffrey, Mabel Clements, Edward Green, Emily Houghton, Yemisi Oyinloye, Naomi Petersen, George Potts, Lewis Rainer, Leon Scott


Along with her posse the Ace Gang, 14 year old Georgia Nicolson is on a mission to win a Sex God boyfriend in the form of the local band lead singer Robbie. With the help of her crazy cat, Angus and her best mate Jas, a snogtastic plan develops.

Can Georgia use her newly acquired boy-entrancing charms to lure the Sex God away from his girlfriend Wet Lindsey? Or will she decide to go after Italian Luurve God Massimo? And what about Dave the Laugh? A great mate but would you go past number one on the snogging scale with him?

This new stage adaptation of the "Queen of Teen" Louise Rennison's Fab Confessions of Georgia Nicolson is for anyone who's a teenager, has ever been a teenager, or knows someone who is about to be one soon....

Suitable for ages 10+

Extra Events

Vair Sophis Party Nights
Every Friday night is Vair Sophis Party Night. Come dressed up in your most sophisticated clothes and we'll provide a marvy party atmosphere including music, treats and pizza-a-go-go on sale in the cafe!

Post-Show Talks
Join us on Wednesday 22 February after the evening show or Thursday 23 February after the matinee for a post-show talk with members of the creative team behind Angus, Thongs & Even More Snogging.  FREE to ticket holders on 22 or 23 February.

Birthday Parties
If it's your birthday let us treat you and your friends like VIPs for the night.  Come and see the show and have a party in a private area with your Ace Gang.  For more info call Box Office on 0113 213 7700.


"Pumped up and fast moving… with the energy of a pop concert"

***** The Independent


"The cast are perfect"

*****Yorkshire Evening Post


"One of the best stage adaptations ever produced"

*****Yorkshire Evening Post




Average visitor rating [1 to 5 stars] (** visitor reviews)

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  1. Millie Archer

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    I am 10 years old and found this really good fun. The actors and actresses are amazing and make you feel involved in the production. The stage set is amazing. This is a night full of laughter and fun so please don't miss out!

    DATE POSTED: 14/02/2012

  2. Clare Downham

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    I came to watch this show on Saturday 11th February. I really enjoyed all of it but particularly the dream sequences including "I am not Robbie, I am a bakewell tart". The puppetry was a brilliant way to portray Angus and Libby. All the cast were excellent and worked very hard. I was amazed how few of them there were at the end. I laughed lots throughout this show. A definate must see to chortle away the winter blues!

    DATE POSTED: 14/02/2012

  3. Jack Downham

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    This is a side splitting show, a must see this winter!

    DATE POSTED: 14/02/2012

  4. Sophie Downham

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    I came to watch Angus, Thongs and Even More Snogging on 11th February 2012. It was mind-blowing and hilarious all at the same time. I especially like the way they used the effects to portray Angus and Libby, but my overall favorite bit was when Dave rode away on the fast camel. There was not a weak link in all the cast and I have to say I loved the school girl costumes for the people changing the scenery. It was a performance to never forget if you have seen it and if you haven't then you are really missing out!

    DATE POSTED: 14/02/2012

  5. Jack Downham

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    This is a side splitting show, a must see this winter!

    DATE POSTED: 14/02/2012

  6. Eleanor Ford

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    The show was full of laughter and 'funniness'! I enjoyed every minute of it!!! The actors/actressses played their parts well and made the audience feel like they werre right there with Georgia. I particuraly liked the dream with the cakes.

    DATE POSTED: 15/02/2012

  7. Ruth Kelner

    Great I laughed my knickers off. It was full of hilariousity. My mum loved the bit where Georgia pretended to be Juliet in the death scene.

    DATE POSTED: 16/02/2012

  8. Stephanie Armitage

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    My daughter and I saw the show on 13th February. We enjoyed a delicious pre-preformance dinner and then laughed and laughed throughout the show. The whole cast are amazing but Emily (playing Rosie) took me back 20-odd years to my schooldays with my shirt half in, half out, socks falling down, great comic gusto and a school report where my deportment always left a lot to be desired! We were lucky enough to meet most of the cast who were both charming and generous with their time as was the author, Louise Rennison and the co-adapter Mark Catley. We loved it so much we are coming back with friends to see it again.

    DATE POSTED: 16/02/2012

  9. Rick Poppa

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Saw it last night and O M G! A show not just for Teens, but aimed at Teens. Great cast, live band and fab set. The dream sequences were good as was Massimo's entrance ....Could he be any cooler?? If you have a GSOH, go see it ASAP! plus you can Tweet during the show which is a first! Go see it before it finishes, it's amazing! One of the best things I've ever seen at the playhouse!!

    DATE POSTED: 17/02/2012

  10. Julie Catley

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Now i may be being biast seen as Mark Catley is my brother....... but this production was fantastic, great for all ages young and old and a fabulous set, lots of laughs and some spot on acting will be going again with the girls for a right good girly night out...... not to be missed. xx

    DATE POSTED: 17/02/2012

  11. Hannah Daniels

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    This is amazing, a must see. I couldn't stop laughing, off to see it again tomorrow.The dancing right at the end is brilliant. The cast were amazing, couldn't of been choosen better

    DATE POSTED: 17/02/2012

  12. Leann Cooke

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    My 13 year old daughter Lucy and I really enjoyed this show and found the characters very convincing. You totally believed that the actors were 14 years old. Very funny and also moving in parts, bring your tissues for when Angus gets injured! Louise Rennison was watching on the night we went and was more than happy to sign autographs and chat to the audience. A great show, go and see it!.

    DATE POSTED: 18/02/2012

  13. Helen Brook

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    I went to see this on the 11th of February with my friends for our birthdays and we all loved it! We've read all the books and watched the film so many times that we know all the words and so we had to go and see the play! The music, stage and actors were all perfect and we all wanted to see it again straight away! We especially loved the dream scenes, and the romeo and Juliet performance!

    DATE POSTED: 18/02/2012

  14. Amelia Hall

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Im 13 and I went to go see it with my Mum, i wanted to go just me and my friend but we didnt know the place as we had never been before.But it was actually fun with my mum,because i thought she wouldnt get it but she did!....It was absolutley hilarious, the actors and actress' were amazing and were really funny....i would go see it again even though i already have seen it! But i recommend it for anyone aged 10-11 + xxx

    DATE POSTED: 20/02/2012

  15. Matt Hill

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    My daughter asked me to see the play with her and we plumped for last Friday so we could attend the Q&A session too.The Q&A was entertaining and informative, with Louise Rennison and Mark Catley capably compered by Sam Wood. I found the play very accessible, despite being a middle-aged man who hadn't read any of the books. I was jabbed in the arm by my daughter's elbow several times for laughing too loud, so the humour definitely reached me, especially the snog-o-meter and Mutti's secret book. The music enhanced the exuberance of the performance. I also thought it deftly reflected on the difference between the Robbie's angst about the outside world and Georgia's focus on her own feelings without diverting attention from her story. Overall it was a fun evening that I enjoyed immensely. If you're a dithering dad, dive in and have a great evening out before the run ends!

    DATE POSTED: 21/02/2012

  16. Natalie Bishton

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Amazing! The actors were so funny, me and my friends couldn't stop laughing. I came with my school and I'm so glad we got the chance to watch this, it truely was brilliant. ps Dave I love you! xx

    DATE POSTED: 23/02/2012

  17. Lynda Tranmer

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    What a fantastic performance! I took my daughter and granddaughter this evening and we all had such a wonderful time with lots of laughs. Perfectly cast too.

    DATE POSTED: 24/02/2012


    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    I went to see angus thongs and even more snogging last night and i must say I was away laughing on a fast camel the whole night! i also very nearly had an accident in the piddily didily department cause i was laughing so hard! everybody in the whole world should see this cause it is the best play ever and the funniest thing i've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DATE POSTED: 25/02/2012

  19. Rosie O

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Astonishing! Great actors,cast and overall, a 10 out of 10 performance! Me, my friend and our Mum's went to see it and I could defiantly hear chuckling from the Mum's! I liked how it was a different ending to the actual movie and I would see it again if I could. All the cast have inspired me to become an actress (especially Naomi) good luck for the future!

    DATE POSTED: 25/02/2012

  20. kerry winter

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    i thought that when we was going as part of a drama group it was going to be rather boring because it was a theatre play, but as i was watching it i thought how much different it is, i thought it  was amazing and would love to see it again it was amazing how they put it all together and didnt copy the whole film!!!!

    DATE POSTED: 28/02/2012

  21. Ellie Reilly

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Fabo! What a perfomance eh? Was the best play I have ever seen. I laughed like a loon on loon tablets!!!

    DATE POSTED: 28/02/2012

  22. Aoife O'Connor

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    Amaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzing - Love it !!!!!!!! I Love the cast, Puppetry - Everything wow. Fits together brill and its way better than the film.

    DATE POSTED: 29/02/2012

  23. nicole williamson

    star imagestar imagestar imagestar image

    angus thongs and even more snogging was amazing but i think it is an adult veiw on what teenagers are like wanting it all the time and just going out all the time and whating bf all the time but we dont oveerall it was an amazing dance and i liked the viking dance.

    DATE POSTED: 02/03/2012

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Practically explore ways of using Angus, Thongs and Even More Snogging through PSHE.

Download resource pack. Suitable for Years 8 and 9.

Part 1
Part 2

Fabby! Mucho Excitemondo!
Thursday 23 February

Stay after the matinee performance of Angus Thongs and Even More Snogging and take part in a FREE 45 minute fabnosity chat with members of the creative team and meet some splendifico cast members!

Theatre Day - Dramarama - Fabulousity!
Wednesday 29 February 4.30pm to 10pm

  • £19.50 including show ticket

Workshop 4.30pm to 6.30pm, performance 7:30pm

Come and discover the tres exciting techniques and exercises from the merveilleux rehearsals for Angus, Thongs and Even More Snogging in this tres bon practical session!

Theatre Day Insight - Page to Stage - marvy darling!
Thursday 01 March 10am to 4pm

  • £19.50 per student including show ticket

A superdooper, maturiosity session with the writers of Angus, Thongs and Even More Snogging.This workshop is most suitable for post 16 students with a genuine interest in and passion for writing.

Scheme of Work
A selection of lesson ideas and additional materials for PSHE KS3 will be available to download from our website to accompany Angus, Thongs and Even More Snogging. Mucho gratiosity to Lucy Tomlin from Skillz Education!

For Teachers

Angus, Thongs and PSHE
Thursday 23 February 5.00 - 6.30pm 

  • FREE EVENT (including show ticket)

Join Lucy Tomlin from Skillz Education, an Alternative Education Provider working with young people aged 14-19.

Half Term Treat for Pupils
Q&A with Louise Rennison and Mark Catley
17 February, 5pm

Louise Rennison will be joined by co-adapter Mark Catley to talk about how they went about turning Georgia's life into a stage show.  This event is FREE for ticket holders on 17 February and it will be live-streamed on our website for those unable to attend in person.


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