Early Years Projects and Resource Packs

Early Years 1

Early Years 2Imaginary Worlds

The Imaginary Worlds project encouraged young children to explore, be curious and learn about the world around them through their play experiences. Using a variety of simple props in a bag, children from 22 early years settings across Leeds imagined and told their own unique stories. 

"The children were all very proud that they had made a story and were keen to tell me about it again the following day. They seemed more confident in relating their ideas to others as this has shown in other imaginative play and story making."

Practitioner, Imaginary Worlds

Whole New Worlds

Building on the huge success of the Imaginary Worlds project, Whole New Worlds was born. After working with very young children in early years settings, the aim of this new project was to encourage parents to interact and play freely and creatively with their babies. Sessions were facilitated in a variety of settings including a Women's Refuge, Women's Prison, Health Centres, Early Years Centres, Day Nurseries and a Traveller Unit.

"At first she didn't know what to make of it. But by the end I really began to notice how Molly was developing. She is being stimulated mentally and each time she plays she discovers new things. I would recommend it to parents because it gives you ideas for yourself."

Parent of Molly, 15 months

Resource Packs

If you would like to find out more about either of these projects, we have beautifully presented resource packs available:

  • Imaginary Worlds: Creative Learning Through Play. Cost: £10 + P&P
  • Whole New Worlds. Cost: £8 + P&P
  • Special Offer - Both Resource Packs for £15 + P&P

Please contact Alison Petherbridge, Primary Education Co-ordinator, on 0113 213 7290 or alison.petherbridge@wyp.or.uk  for more information and to place your order, or BUY ONLINE

On Stage Soon

It was nice to see a usually quiet and shy girl come out of herself and begin to play imaginatively, showing lots of enjoyment, her face lit up
Early Years Centre Staff, Imaginary Worlds Project


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At the Playhouse

We offer a wide variety of workshops for children to engage and be inspired. Creative and educational themes include Shakespeare and Storymaking as well as weeks linked to our productions.

We also offer enrichment days and bespoke workshops that can be based around our shows or a theme being explored in school.