furnace.jpgFurnace is about creating new work with performance makers from West Yorkshire and beyond: placing artists and audiences at the centre of the development and realisation of theatre.

Furnace is the Playhouse's ongoing new work development programme, where artists work with us to trail and test out new projects. We work with theatre makers who are emerging, or mid career and looking to take their work in new directions. The programme works with artists to realise ambitious ideas, taking ideas from initial seeds into physical reality.

Furnace 1
Furnace launched in October 2011 by joining forces with Leeds based companies Slung Low and Unlimited Theatre  to develop two new projects. Unlimited held playtest workshops for a new collaboration with Layla Rosa (Shunt) and Hide&Seek. As a result of this development period Unlimited Theatre are now  presenting the full production of The Giant and the Bear as a West Yorkshire Playhouse and imove co-production this June.

Slung Low presented the first stage of a major new adventure, taking audiences on a journey through the myths and histories of Holbeck, in a new collaboration with writer Mark Catley.

The first Furnace Symposium was also held, focusing on creating and producing theatre in West Yorkshire, available to watch here

Furnace 2
Spring 2012 Furnace is teamed up with two new and exciting companies. Leeds based physical theatre duo RashDash, and innovative young ensemble Curious Directive, will begin work developing two new projects. You can follow how the work developed on the Furnace blog.

We are always keen to hear from companies or artists, whether from Leeds or beyond, who are interested in the Furnace programme. We are particularly interested in theatre makers who are bold and ambitious and make work which speaks to audiences in new ways. Contact: amy.letman@wyp.org.uk

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